852: It’s a New Day: 2-3-23 Five Arrested in ”Justice4Jaheim” Protest

A protestor who was on hand speaks on the arrests made during the “Justice4Jaheim” protest at the Gulfport Police Department and City Hall. The day before would have been the 16th birthday of Jahiem McMillan was shot in the head by a Gulfport police officer and later died as a result.

851: It’s a New Day: 2-2-23 Family of Double Amputee Killed by Cops Plans to Sue

More information revealed about the killing of Anthony Lowe Jr., a double amputee, in California by Huntington Park Police and a potential mass shooting averted in LA after police seized several high-powered weapons and a thousand rounds of ammo from a man accused of making criminal threats.

850: It’s a New Day: 2-1-23 Jaheim McMillan 16th Birthday

As the family of Tyre Nichols prepares to lay him to rest in Memphis, TN following his death as a result of a beating by 5 MPD officers, the family of Jaheim McMillan prepares to celebrate what would have been his 16th birthday in Gulfport, MS following his death as a result of being shot […]

849: It’s a New Day: 1-31-23 State of the State Address

More officials fired in the case of the killing of Tyre Nichols and Governor Tate Reeves delivers a State of the State Address where he paints a false picture of the state and spouts falsehoods about the state of Mississippi’s current educational and healthcare systems.

Tyre Nichols Footage Released by MPD | New Day Podcast

Reactions to the body and street cam footage of the traffic stop and police beating that ultimately lead to the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, TN 20 days after his death. Watch Footage on CNN | Warning Graphic Content

847: It’s a New Day: 1-27-23 Dr. Anand Dugar for Green Health Docs

Exclusive interview with Dr. Anand Dugar, a board-certified anesthesiologiest and pain medicine physician, for Green Health Docs (greenhealthdocs.com) on how Mississippians can qualify for the states Medical Marijuana Program and Memphis PD’s chief prepares the city for the release of the body camera footage of the beating of Tyre Nichols. 

846: It’s a New Day: 1-26-23Virginia Teacher Shooting

More details revealed in the case of a Virginia 6 year-old who shot his teacher after she reported his having a gun in his backpack to the administration.

845: It’s a New Day: 1-25-23 Police Brutality Updates

Updates on charges in police brutality cases in Arkansas and Georgia, and a potential lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis over the rejection of an AP African American Studies course for Florida high school students. 

844: It’s a New Day: 1-24-23 Mass Shooting Deterrents

Yet another mass shooting in less than 48 hours spurs debate on how to curtail more carnage in the US and the death of “club culture” is revisited in the wake of shootings in Louisiana and California clubs.

843: It’s a New Day: 1-23-23 Mass Shootings Across the Country

Recapping a weekend of violence across the U.S. with multiple mass shootings from Monterey Park, California to Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana, a former top FBI Special Agent charged with money laundering for a Russian oligarch, and 3 Marines charged in connection with the January 6 Insurrection.  

842: It’s a New Day: 1-20-23 Florida Rejects AP African-American Studies

Reactions to Ron DeSantis’ rejection of an AP African-American studies course for Florida High School students in the continuing CRT crusade and the slow degradation of the “club culture” in recent times.

841: It’s a New Day: 1-19-23 Rep. Kabir Karriem

Exclusive interview with Rep. Kabir Karriem (MS-D, District 41) of Columbus on his push to remove Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the MLK Holiday in Mississippi, one of only two states (along with Alabama) who still honor Lee and King on the same day and comments from Rep. Jeffrey Hulum III (MS-D, District 119) […]

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